How VA Loans Can Help You Buy a Home

For more than 80 years, Veterans Affairs (VA) home loans have assisted millions of veterans in purchasing their own homes. It's important to familiarize yourself with this program and its benefits if you or someone you know has served in the military. Here are some important points to consider about VA loans before purchasing a home.

Top Benefits of VA Home Loans
VA home loans make it easier for veterans to buy a home. They are a great perk for those who qualify. According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, some benefits include:

  • Options for No Down Payment: There are options available for qualified borrowers to purchase a home with no down payment. This is a significant relief for those trying to save for a home. According to the Associated Press, about 90% of VA loans are used to purchase a home with no money down.
  • Don't Require Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI): VA loans do not require PMI, allowing veterans to save on monthly housing costs, unlike many other loans with down payments under 20%.
  • Limited Closing Costs: There are limitations on the types of closing costs you need to pay when you qualify for a VA home loan, allowing you to keep more money in your pocket when it's time to seal the deal.

An article from Veterans United sums up how remarkable this loan can be: "For the vast majority of military borrowers, VA loans represent the most powerful lending program on the market. These flexible, $0-down payment mortgages have helped more than 24 million service members become homeowners since 1944."

Bottom Line
For many people, owning a home is considered the American Dream. Veterans make significant sacrifices to protect our country, and one way to honor them is by ensuring they are aware of VA home loans. If you or a loved one needs assistance navigating the VA loan process to purchase a home in the Kansas City area, the Just Say Home Team is here to help! Call or text us at 816-656-2816.

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