4 Tips To Make Your Strongest Offer on a KC Home

Are you considering buying a home in the Kansas City area soon? The current KC housing market has a low number of homes for sale, creating competition in many areas. This homebuyer demand is leading to multiple-offer scenarios, which are expected to ramp up as we move into the peak homebuying season this spring.

How do you make your best offer as a Kansas City buyer? The Just Say Home KC real estate experts recommend these four tips:

Partner with a Real Estate Agent

You can rely on the experienced agents at Just Say Home KC to support your homebuying goals. As PODS notes:

"Making an offer on a home without an agent is certainly possible, but having a pro by your side gives you a massive advantage in figuring out what to offer on a house."

The JSH buyer's agents are market experts in the Kansas City area, meaning they know what KC sellers are looking for in potential buyers. This advice can be a game-changer when deciding on an offer that stands out.

Understand Your Budget

It's essential to know your numbers in today's market. The best way to understand your budget is to work with a Kansas City lender to get pre-approved for a home loan. This pre-approval will ensure you feel financially confident and show sellers you're serious, giving you a competitive edge. As Investopedia says:

". . . sellers have an advantage because of intense buyer demand and a limited number of homes for sale; they may be less likely to consider offers without pre-approval letters."

Make a Strong, but Fair Offer

It's only natural to want the best deal you can get on a home, especially when affordability is tight. However, submitting an offer that's too low comes with risks. Don't make an offer that could be tossed out as soon as it's received just to see if it sticks. As Realtor.com explains:

". . . an offer price that's significantly lower than the listing price, is often rejected by sellers who feel insulted . . . Most listing agents try to get their sellers to at least enter negotiations with buyers, to counteroffer with a number a little closer to the list price. However, if a seller is offended by a buyer or isn't taking the buyer seriously, there's not much you, or the real estate agent, can do."

Just Say Home KC agents bring expertise to this part of the homebuying process to help you stay competitive and find a fair price for you and the seller.

Trust Your Agent During Negotiations

The seller may decide to counter after you submit your offer. When negotiating, it's wise to understand what matters to the seller. Offering flexibility on factors such as moving dates or the house's condition can make your offer more attractive.

Your Just Say Home buyer's agent will lead you through negotiations and help you determine the best plan. You can trust these Kansas City real estate experts to navigate you through this negotiation process and get the best offer for you and the seller. As an article from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) explains:

"There are many factors up for discussion in any real estate transaction—from price to repairs to possession date. A real estate professional who's representing you will look at the transaction from your perspective, helping you negotiate a purchase agreement that meets your needs . . ." 

Bottom Line

Are you looking to buy a home in the Kansas City area? Your Just Say Home KC buyer's agent can help you find a home you love and craft an offer that stands out in the current competitive Kansas City housing market.

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