Are Grandparents Moving To Be Closer to Their Grandkids?

The pandemic brought many changes with it. One of these shifts was a greater distance from loved ones as health concerns were prioritized. As Kansas City schools started to open, many grandparents were advised to stay away from their grandkids to minimize the risk of exposure.

As things settle down and risks lower, numerous grandparents want more than ever to be close to their grandchildren again. So, how are they getting that “Grandparent Wish?” Data shows that many are moving to ensure more quality time in the future.

Grandparents Are Moving To Be Close To Loved Ones

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently gathered data that indicates people between the ages of 55 and 74 are moving farther (more than 100 miles) than any other age group (see graph below):

With the average age of grandparents in the U.S. at 67 years, it's reasonable to conclude that a portion of the people moving the furthest are grandparents. How do we know what's driving them to move a greater distance?

This same report from NAR also provided the leading reason people move: to be closer to loved ones (see graph below):


Based on this data, it’s fair to imagine many grandparents are getting their desire for more quality time and moving closer to their grandchildren. For many, if not all, the pandemic was filled with isolation and loneliness. This transition back into close proximity with one another brings an immense amount of hope that this lonely experience is coming to an end.

Are you a grandparent? I don't have to tell you how important your grandchildren are. If you are considering selling and moving simply to be closer, you are not alone. As Vance Cariaga, a journalist at Go Bank Rates, explains:

“Never underestimate the power of grandchildren – especially when it comes to lifestyle and financial decisions. Recent data shows that many baby boomers are relocating further away from home than they used to so they can be closer to their grandbabies.

Bottom Line

Current data indicates grandparents are moving great distances to be close to their grandchildren after the pandemic. Do you have grandchildren of your own and can relate to this desire for nearness? The Just Say Home Team can help you achieve this dream. Our real estate experts will support you through this decision so you can have plenty of quality time with your loved ones in the future.

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