Are There Actually More Kansas City Homes for Sale Right Now?

Are you looking to move? Understanding the latest information on the Kansas City housing market is essential. The Just Say Home Team is here to ensure you have every necessary resource to make an informed decision, so take a look below for an update on the current supply of KC homes for sale. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, the number of homes available in the local Kansas City market can impact you.

The Truth About The Current Housing Inventory

The story for recent years has been how few homes are on the market, but the latest national data might leave you feeling confused. Why? indicates inventory is actually slightly increasing month-over-month in multiple parts of the country (see the blue states in the map below):

The map above shows that the housing supply increased nationally by just over 5% last month.

Are the Days of Limited Inventory Over?

Many Kansas City buyers and sellers wonder: Are the days of tight housing supply behind us? The short answer is no. Context is crucial. While headlines might say inventory is up, current data reveals significantly fewer homes are for sale than in a more typical market.

Let's look at the graph below to compare the latest active listing counts (homes currently available for sale) with the most recent average years in the housing market (2017-2019):

As Lance Lambert, founder of ResiClub Analytics, explains:

Housing market inventory is so far below pre-pandemic levels that October’s big jump is still just a drop in the bucket.”

What do these statistics mean for you as a Kansas City buyer or seller? It's important to remember that real estate is hyper-local, meaning that data specifics can shift depending on the city. By partnering with a trusted real estate agent from Just Say Home KC, you can better understand the specifics of the inventory situation in the Kansas City market.

If you’re in the process of buying a home, there may be slightly more options than in recent months, but you should still prepare for low inventory. The JSH real estate experts can share their expertise and trusted strategies that helped other KC buyers navigate the ongoing low housing supply.

For Kansas City sellers, rest assured you haven’t missed your window of opportunity to get multiple offers or see your house sell fast. While inventory has gone up some nationally, it’s still overall low and could have even dropped in certain parts of the country.

Bottom Line

Are you looking to buy or sell a home in the Kansas City market? The Just Say Home Team can ensure you’re up to date on all the latest trends, including the current housing supply. By partnering with the JSH real estate experts, you can learn how these numbers impact your move and gain trusted strategies to make the best decision for you and your loved ones.

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