How Long Will It Take To Sell My Midwest House?

Are you looking to sell your house quickly and wondering how long the process will take? Working with a local real estate agent is an excellent way to get an accurate answer.

Real estate agents have the expertise to inform you about how fast homes are selling in your area and what factors affect other sellers' timelines. Understanding these timelines will help you set realistic expectations and develop a plan based on the current market conditions.

One important factor that a great agent will guide you through is the supply of homes for sale and how it affects your selling process.

The Growing Supply of Homes for Sale
In recent months, the number of homes for sale has increased, which is excellent for people looking to move because it means more options. However, it also means that there's more competition for sellers. If your house doesn't stand out, selling might take longer. The available inventory includes new listings and active listings.

Data from shows that a significant portion of the recent increase comes from active listings that are not selling. The graph below shows this, with the blue bars representing active listings.

How It's Impacting Listings Today
Think of the homes on the market like loaves of bread for sale in a bakery. When a fresh batch of bread is put out, everyone wants the newest and hottest one. But if a loaf sits there too long, it starts to get stale, and fewer people want to buy it.

The same goes for homes. New listings are the freshest and most sought-after. But if a home isn't priced correctly, doesn't show well, or lacks an effective sales or marketing strategy, it can sit on the market and become less appealing to buyers.

An Agent Will Help Your House Stand Out and Sell Quickly
Timing is crucial for you. You want to get this done quickly. By relying on a professional, they will ensure that your listing is fresh and stays on the market for a shorter time. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR): "Home sellers without an agent are nearly twice as likely to say they didn't accept an offer for at least three months; 53% of sellers who used an agent say they accepted an offer within a month of listing their home."

Your Just Say Home KC agent will consider the recent inventory growth and develop a personalized selling strategy for your house. The availability of homes for sale can vary significantly by area. Therefore, they will provide valuable insights into the market's supply, help you set the right price for your home, and create a marketing plan to attract attention to your listing.

Reach out today to ensure your listing remains fresh and attractive to buyers from the beginning. It can make a significant difference!

Bottom Line
If you want your house to sell quickly, working with a professional who understands the current market trends and can develop a strategy tailored to those factors is essential. Let's connect so you can have someone on your side to ensure your house is ready to sell fast.

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