Pie, Coffee, and Connection: A Just Say Home Thanksgiving Tradition

For five years running, Jennifer Smeltzer has been named one of America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents. She and her team of real estate experts attribute this success entirely to the unwavering support of their clients. To show their appreciation, Jennifer Smeltzer and Carol Tran Reynolds of the Just Say Home KC team hosted their fourth annual Thanksgiving Pie Giveaway and Coffee Connect. Held on a Sunday afternoon in mid-November at the Red Bridge Crows Coffee location, you couldn’t help but feel the authenticity of the sweet sticker on every free pie: “Any way you slice it, we’re grateful for you!” 

The atmosphere was familiar and warm as clients picked up their choice of pie, were treated to a free drink, and settled into a comfortable conversation with Smeltzer and Reynolds. These conversations floated through the air as many clients who have sold or purchased multiple homes with Jennifer Smeltzer over the years caught the agents up on significant life events. New spouses were introduced, pictures of children were shown, and this cozy coffee shop began to feel more like a reunion than a business event.

Of course, real estate talk was still front and center as many clients eagerly shared with Jennifer and Carol about remodeling and improvements to their homes, while others sought advice about their ventures into real estate investment. The mutual respect between client and agent was evident in each interaction, as Smeltzer and Reynolds balanced professionalism and familiarity over the two-hour event. As the afternoon came to a close and goodbyes concluded, the opening of the event invite rang true: “We are exceedingly thankful for the ability to serve you and your loved ones!”

While business events like this one are not uncommon, the evident care and dedication of the Just Say Home KC team for their clients made an otherwise simple coffee connect stand apart. These attendees were not representing successful business transactions or past victories for an awarded Kansas City realtor. It was apparent that every client represented a story, a milestone, or a memory for this real estate team, emphasizing the personal investment these agents put into their work.

One of the attendees, Tina Burch, CEO of “Let’s Face It,” celebrated the event with a social media post that read: “A big shout out to my favorite realtor, Jennifer Smeltzer.” While many descriptions could define Jennifer Smeltzer, her team, and their work, “favorite” seems to encapsulate the heart of these clients’ loyalty and support. Though simple in its execution, a coffee, a pie, and a conversation was a profound glimpse into a real estate team that prioritizes relationships over accolades and the individuals who have trusted them with their milestone moments.

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