The Best Week To List Your House Is Almost Here

Are you ready to sell your Kansas City home? Now might be the perfect time to connect with a Just Say Home KC real estate agent to start the process! Housing market experts say the best week to list your house is just around the corner.

A recent study by examined national housing market trends over the past few years, excluding 2020 data due to its unusual circumstances. The study discovered that the most promising week to put your house on the market this year is April 14-20.

"Every year, one week stands out from the rest as that perfect stretch of time when it's great to be a home seller. This year, the week of April 14–20 is the best time to sell—that is, if sellers want to see lots of interest in their homes, sell quickly, and pocket some extra cash, according to® data."

While spring is a great time to sell in the Kansas City housing market, this week could be the peak sweet spot. Have you been putting your selling plans on the back burner and waiting for the perfect time to act? This could be the nudge you need to make your move happen. As Hannah Jones, Senior Economic Research Analyst at explains:

"The third week of April brings the best combination of housing market factors for sellers. The best week offers higher buyer demand, lower competition [from other sellers], and fewer price reductions than the typical week of the year."

If you want to get in on the action, you need to move quickly and rely on the professionals. The local real estate agents at Just Say Home KC are the perfect resource for planning to prep your house and get it on the market.

These experienced KC real estate experts will offer advice to help balance your target listing date with what you need to do from a repair and renovation standpoint. Your seller's agent can walk you through prioritizing this list so you know the factors to address first.

For homes already in good shape, home sellers can focus on the minor things that are easy to do but make a significant impact. As an article from Investopedia says:

"You won't have time for any major renovations, so focus on quick repairs to address things that could deter potential buyers."

Here are some specific examples from that article:


Remember, it's okay if you're not ready to list your home within the next few weeks. Your window of opportunity doesn't close when this week ends. Spring is the peak homebuying season and it's still a seller's market, so you'll be in the driver's seat all season long. 

Bottom Line

Are you ready to get the ball rolling and start selling your home in the Kansas City area? Schedule a time to discuss your next steps with the trusted real estate agents at Just Say Home KC and find yourself one step closer to making your move a reality!

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