Things To Consider If Your KC House Didn’t Sell

Feeling frustrated and disappointed is normal if your listing has expired without your Kansas City house selling. Are you wondering what went wrong? As you figure out what to do next, here are three questions to consider.

Was Access to Your House Limited?

One of the most significant mistakes you can make when selling your house is restricting when potential KC buyers can tour it. It might feel stressful to drop everything and leave when buyers want to see it, but being flexible with your schedule can be the difference between selling or not. Remember: minimal access means minimal exposure. ShowingTime advises:

“. . . do your best to be as flexible as possible when granting access to your house for showings.”

Sometimes, the most determined buyers come from far away. Since they’re traveling to tour your house, they might not be able to change plans easily if only limited showing times are offered. This is why making your house available as much as possible to accommodate potential buyers is vital. Put simply, if no one can look at it, how will your home sell?

Does Your House Stand Out?

When selling your home, the old saying matters: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. How the exterior of your home looks is just as important as how you stage it inside. Freshening up your landscaping can boost your KC home’s curb appeal to make an impact upfront. As an article from U.S. News says:

“After all, if people drive by, but aren’t interested enough to walk through the front door, you’ll never sell your house.”

Don’t let that impact stop at the front door. Give Kansas City buyers more freedom to picture themselves in the home by removing personal items and reducing clutter. Even a fresh coat of paint or thorough floor cleaning can work wonders in sprucing up the house for potential homebuyers.

Is Your House Priced at KC Market Value?

Selecting the right price is critical to the sale of your home. Pushing the price higher to maximize profit can be tempting, but overpricing your house can turn off potential buyers and slow down the process. Forbes notes:

“Pricing a home too high could lead to a slower sale or force the seller to drop their price.”

A house priced higher than similar homes for sale may discourage interested buyers, resulting in more time on the KC market. People will give your agent feedback during open houses and showings, so pay attention to what they say. If many people agree, consider lowering the price.

The trusted real estate agents at Just Say Home will offer expert advice on relisting your house with effective strategies to get it sold. These Kansas City professionals have insight into the market to help you determine the perfect listing price for your home.

Bottom Line

It’s natural to feel disappointed when your listing has expired without your house selling. The JSH Team of real estate experts is here to help you determine what happened and what changes to make to get your house back on the market and sell quickly!

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