What an Increase of Home Listings Means for Kansas City Sellers

The number of homes for sale plays a significant role in the current Kansas City housing market. Are you considering whether or not to list your house? One of the greatest advantages KC home sellers have right now is today's limited home supply. When your home is priced correctly, low inventory can make it stand out among the competition.

This national low inventory might not last long—the supply of homes for sale is rising. According to the latest data from Realtor.com, new listings (homeowners who just put their house up for sale) are trending up (see graph below):


Compared to national housing numbers from the same time last year, more homeowners are putting that "for sale" sign up in their yards. As Realtor.com says:

". . . sellers turned out in higher numbers this March as newly listed homes were 15.5% above last year's levels. This marked the fifth month of increasing listing activity after a 17-month streak of decline."

What Does This Mean for You?

Have you been delaying listing your Kansas City home on the market? It could be time to revisit the conversation—before your neighbors do. While there won't be an instant surplus of homes for sale in the Kansas City area, each house that pops on the market risks drawing buyer attention away from your property.

Imagine your neighbor gets in on the action and lists their house, creating competition right next door. The last thing you want is for KC buyers to tour your house and then fall in love with someone else's. Listing your home while inventory is low gives your home an opportunity to be in the spotlight.

The buyer's agents at Just Say Home KC have the expertise and local real estate knowledge to get your home ready to sell and ensure it's priced correctly. These experienced real estate agents understand what Kansas City buyers are looking for and can help draw attention to your listing, making it shine on the housing market.

Are you ready and able to sell now? Kansas City inventory is in a sweet spot. The increasing supply of KC homes for sale will offer more options for your move, but inventory is still low enough for your house to stand out. This is your chance to get the best of both worlds. 

Bottom Line

Have you been waiting to sell your Kansas City home? With current home inventory still low, right now could be the best time to list your home before competition pops up in your neighborhood. The Just Say Home real estate experts can help you determine whether it's the best time for you to sell and, if so, make sure your property stands out on the Kansas City housing market.

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