Why Having Your Own Agent Matters When Buying a New Construction Home

One of the most significant challenges for potential Kansas City buyers today is finding the right home. The supply of KC homes for sale is still low in the current housing market, but there is a bright spot. Newly built homes make up a greater percentage of the total Kansas City homes available for sale than the average. Are you desiring more options in your search for the perfect place? A newly built home might be the ideal fit for you.

While these homes are an excellent choice for many buyers, working with a builder differs from buying from a homeowner. Additionally, while builders typically have sales agents on-site, working with a Just Say Home real estate expert ensures you have proper representation throughout your home-buying journey. As Realtor.com says:

"Keep in mind that the on-site agent you meet at a new-construction office works for the builder. So, as the homebuyer, it's a smart idea to bring in your own agent, as well, to help you negotiate and stay protected in the transaction."

Let's look at how the Just Say Home Team can help you build or buy a new construction home.

Agents Know the Kansas City Area and Market

One thing to consider before making your Kansas City purchase is how the neighborhood and surrounding area may evolve. The JSH agents are well-versed in the upcoming communities and developments that could impact your decision. These real estate professionals can help by reviewing the builder's site plan. For example, you'll want to know if any plans exist to construct a highway or add a drainage ditch behind your prospective backyard.

Knowledge of Construction Quality and Builder Reputation

The Just Say Home Team knows different builders' construction quality and reputation. Agents can give you insights into each one's track record, customer satisfaction, and construction practices. Armed with this knowledge, you can select a builder known for consistently delivering top-notch homes.

Assistance with Customization and Upgrades

The most notable advantage of opting for new home construction is the opportunity to customize your home. Your JSH agent will guide you through this process, sharing recommendations on the upgrades that will most likely add long-term value to your Kansas City home. Their expertise can help you focus your budget on areas that will give you the greatest return on your investment in the future.

Understanding Builder Negotiations and Contracts

Builder contracts can be complex. Having an experienced negotiator on your side can make all the difference when working through builder contracts. Your JSH agent can help you navigate these agreements to make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions. These agents are skilled mediators who can advocate for you, potentially securing better deals, upgrades, or incentives throughout the home-buying process. As Realtor.com says:

"A good buyer's agent will be able to review any contracts before you sign on the dotted line, ensuring you aren't unwittingly agreeing to terms that only benefit the builder." 

Bottom Line

Are you interested in buying or building a new construction home in Kansas City? A trusted Just Say Home Team agent can help you easily navigate the home-buying process by negotiating constructs and giving insight into the KC housing market.

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